Social Media

Social media marketing can transform your business traffic, rankings and popularity overnight

Social media marketing is incredibly important if you are to be a leader in the market and be ranked as a natural authority. Updating and actively talking about the industry in the forms of status updates are needed frequently to keep both Google’s interest within your businesses domain and also keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds.

We love social media. Social media marketing can take a small idea, an interesting blog post or some clever guerrilla marketing campaign and make it viral. Social media helps you connect with your customers and done correctly can be a very powerful tool. There are many different social media websites that need to be contemplated as we help you develop your social networking strategy. Each business has different marketing needs on social networks and connecting with the right demographic on the right media platform is the path to social media marketing success.

Types of social media websites

There are many different types of social media websites and forms of marketing to their users. All users of social websites have different interests and different ways of sharing and communicating.

They all add value to the internet in their own ways. Connecting with your customers on all platforms is important. We understand that it takes time to tend to your social media and having an expert team will take your social media accounts to the next levels.

Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn are more about connecting with users with similar interests.

Social bookmarking websites allow you to store your favourite links on the Internet. Delicious & StumbleUpon are prime examples of social bookmarking websites.

Social news-based social media like Digg & Reddit are great for sharing outside news and allowing users to vote for a story.

Social sharing websites; YouTube film-based and Flickr image-based.

Microblogging, Twitter, getting your message across in less than 140 characters.

Social media strategy

What social media websites are best for you, your business and your marketing? Where does your customer demographic post their content and spend most of their time? What’s going to be said when communicating with potential customers and how are you going to develop your contact list in the first place?

We target the correct demographics across all social media websites for your business. Information that we provide to followers is normally designed to spread and be of value. Content and accounts that are easily accessible. Content that promotes your business’ beliefs, values and brand while staying engaging, interesting and on topic. Social media accounts that are compelling, worth talking about and have growth with fresh users joining daily.

Connecting by social media

Connecting by social media is simple. However not replying or replying in the wrong fashion can be like not answering the office telephone with thousands watching.

Engaging with your customers is an art form. Taking the brand’s tone of voice onto different social media platforms can be a challenge. Completed right, your social media campaign can become an instant success.

Communication via social media

Communication by social media can be time-consuming. Replying to a tweet, comment or question with thousands of potential customers watching is something not to be taken light-heartedly.

The right copy can build a brand, the wrong can be damaging or worse.

Engaging with customers in an interesting, value-adding, thought-provoking fashion is the way to develop a successful social media campaign.

Communicating in a negative or non-responsive way will be seen by all as a negative mark against your social media success.

Sharing content by social media

Content is king. We love social media websites and content. A cheeky but interesting blog post, clever video viral or new service portrayed in the right way can all have thousands of potential customers viewing at the click of the mouse.

Share good content and the copy, film or image will make its own way around thousands.

Constructed in the right way, information like this can have the potential of seeing millions all interested in your brand and your market.

The importance of social media with your SEM campaign

Social media platforms have literally billions of users, and connecting with them has never been easier. Most websites can offer customers browsing them the ability to share them on their social platforms.

With the inclusion of Google+ embedded into the search engine results, it’s never been more important to develop your social media marketing campaign. Google, with their +1 button has the power to show your website at the top or close to the top of their search engine, simply down to the fact that someone in your network has liked it.

There is no better recommendation than from a friend. The fact that Google has included +1 in their search engine results shows that the social media revolution will have a dramatic effect on search engine marketing over the coming algorithm updates.