SEO Packages

Our SEO packages are designed to see the very best from your Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Marketing & link-building packages are compliant with the latest search engine algorithms & designed to see the very best organic results on the major search engines.

Quality Search Engine Optimisation packages designed for highly sought-after results

What’s involved within a good SEO package?

More than you would think. Many SEO companies are willing to sell SEO packages on a link-building, guaranteed SEO or cheap SEO basis. Unfortunately there is more to Search Engine Optimisation packages than cheap, links and guaranteed-SEO packages.

We cover three major areas comprehensively in all of our Search Engine Optimisation packages . And as a warning, lots of SEO companies that say they do, often don’t.

We have a cheat sheet for what to look for in an SEO package or Search Engine Marketing company. The cheat sheet is not a sales pitch, just a light of truth in what sometimes can be perceived as a dark black hat SEO industry. Always be warned of sales companies selling SEO, a good SEO company doesn’t need to sell, their business thrives from your business’ Internet marketing successes.

Why use Totally SEO for your SEO package?

If you’re a business that’s looking to make the most of a limited budget with a Search Engine Optimisation package or perhaps a company that wants to use Internet marketing to build and develop their brand, our bespoke SEO packages are right for you.

We are seen as a bright light of honesty within the Search Engine Marketing industry, one of the reasons why we publish our success stories, case studies & many free SEO help and SEO tip files that we give away on our SEO Soap Box.

Our commitment to excellence and honest, transparent SEO services means we leave no stone unturned in the research and marketing of your website. We don’t just aim for number 1 on Google, we develop your website into a market leader dominating every targeted search phrase or key word.

What’s involved in an SEO package?

There are three main areas of an SEO package, onsite, off site & reports/testing. Each category has its own elements and all sections needs to be worked upon to the highest SEO standards if you have a chance of becoming better than your competition and being awarded those first page results along with the financial rewards that go hand-in-hand.

Our onsite, off site, reports and testing are completed to the highest standards and always in harmony with the latest Google algorithms.

Onsite SEO within the SEO package

Keyword research

It all starts with a search. Possibly the most important section of an SEO package is the keyword research. True, there are hundreds, possibly thousands of potential customers searching for your products and services each day, but what keywords are going to work the best joining them with your business at the time of purchase?

Keyword research can make or break a package campaign. Targeting both hard keywords along with lesser-searched keywords that bring the right crowds of users is a difficult mix to get right.

Competitor analysis

Using many different tools we research what your competition is doing with their Search Engine Marketing. We analyse all areas of the top-10 results for particular keywords.

We examine how many links they have, where they have obtained them, how customers are using the website, how relevant content is to specific keywords and many more variables to create a plan of action on how to add more value to the Internet, become the market leader and generate results on the major search engines.

Onsite audits and changes

From the professional keyword research and competitor analysis we understand just what we need to change within your website to see quality SEO results. As we make changes we apply difficult, simple and long-tail keywords to the website to generate fast, quick SEO results.

From keyword research we can understand how users will view your website’s copy and which areas of the website we can generate more long-tail keywords for. Long-tail keywords, if completed correctly, can often generate more traffic than your primary keywords.

Each page on completion then goes through rigorous testing, until it stands out as the natural authority on the subject.

We also write eye-catching meta information & great descriptions for the search engines to list in the ranking positions.

The more eye-catching, informative and relevant to the keyword searched, the more likely the user will choose to view your website over others.

Off Site SEO for your package

Monthly quality link building

Our SEO consultants professionally analyse your competition’s link-building tactics. We can understand how many links to individual pages there are, what anchor texts are linking to them, where they are receiving the best traffic and more importantly, how we can go one step further.

Our link-building technicians are fully trained and experienced with 1,000′s of search engine campaigns. We build links in a variety of different ways from many different sources. All links are built in such a manner to make Google believe that the customers are building these links from recommendation as your content is worth spreading.

We can build links from a variety of different sources. Links are white hat, and once we have completed a month’s worth of link building we send you Excel reports along with other reports showing how effective they were, and where these links were built.

All link-building packages are completed by hand by experienced editors.

Social media campaigns

Social media is a fantastic way to reach out to your customers & connect. From one short snippet of text, a clever image or interesting/funny film, can develop a huge viral seen by millions.

We want to make your website viral, we can create content that is inspiring and interesting to hundreds of potential customers, readers or viewers interested in your topic. Is your website set-up for viral? There is no easier sale than a recommendation, how easy is it for customers to recommend you, share your products and talk about your amazing customer services?

Content campaigns

Once your website has great rankings, many fans and is seen by Google as a fantastic source for information, you will find it easier and easier to post content on your website and generate new rankings. Easy to get more people talking about the new content, all bringing traffic and potential customers. We like to use this to your advantage and start topics, conversations and hangouts. Giving people reasons to spread your message and build your brand.

Reports & testing

Monitoring your success & new rankings

We did it, it took a few months but we are now at the top of the major search engines and customers are flying through the doors. They are coming from a variety of major keywords and smaller keywords. So, how do we measure this and build on our Internet marketing success?

We deliver custom reports. Custom reports help us to see where customers are coming from, what keywords they are coming from, how they are navigating your website, where they are exiting the website, what number on the search engine results we were when they came to us, along with how we can increase the customer’s attention. So on and so forth.

Reports that we generate are lovely and simple, easy to understand and help grow your Internet success.

A/B Testing & conversions

Testing & increasing conversions levels is important to your marketing package. We want to develop your website to the point that everyone that comes through on the correct keywords buys, purchases or enquires. Most websites have a high bounce rate. By decreasing your bounce rate we can see how and why customers choose to continue to surf your website. Taking valid comparisons we can edit and work on your website to generate phenomenal returns and increase user experience.

Account manager

Totally SEO’s account managers are some of the best in the industry. We are not a sales team, we like to give honest advice and to back everything we say up with valid facts and figures pointing at growth. Depending on which package you choose to work with us on, you shall be either assigned to the team or a dedicated account manager who will know your business inside out.

Internet marketing success is what we are here to deliver. We are ethical about the process, transparent about Search Engine Optimisation and are passionate about the results we can deliver.

Totally SEO are always striving to be the best Search Engine Marketing company in the UK. We keep a firm eye on new techniques and algorithms, and are always updating our own to add value to marketing campaigns.