SEO Copywriting

Our professional team of SEO copywriters help make your content stand out with SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is a difficult skill. You have to please Google while keeping your copy flowing freely enough for users to be interested and want to invest time reading. There are so many different writing styles and mediums to think about while engaging with your customers. Copy for a website home page will be punchier and more eye-catching than a tutorial on a blog that needs to follow simple steps and rules.

But copy is, at the end of the day just copy, right? Unfortunately not. Your potential customers might be only looking for a few things, interest, description and price for example, however Google is looking for literally hundreds. Level of difficulty to read, whether the page has different keywords within the market attached to them, is the website copy adding value to the searched phrase, how does it stack up against the competition and hundreds more elements.

Our SEO copywriters look at copy in a different light other than words on a page. Content is king after all. We as SEO copywriters write copy that’s helpful, interesting and has the possibility of starting a conversation on the internet or becoming viral using social networking.

SEO content is not just limited to a website. Sure Google is looking for great, fresh, unique content on your website, however they and individuals buying into your brand are looking for the same levels of interesting information off-site. Our SEO copywriters have helped hundreds of customers by developing SEO copywriting for both the search engines and for users to read and communicate with. But SEO copywriting doesn’t stop there.

SEO Copywriting keyword research

Do you know what keywords your copy should be targeting? On a website there are many different levels of keywords, short tail, medium tail and long tail keywords. (see our page on keyword research for information on the search demand curve).

As part of an SEO package, or with all SEO copy writing work, we discuss and analyse which keywords your copy is wanting to target, how we can make the copy stand out, what length the copy should be and using SEO audits and competitor analysis we can see where we can make quick wins and develop more keyword-rich, free-flowing, engaging content.

Doing keyword research before we write your Copyscape proven, bespoke content allows us to set out a keyword marketing plan and understand what levels of traffic the new content will be targeting.

Keyword research also shows us what simple keywords the new copy should include to see first page results from easier, less-marketed keywords within the major search engines.

Copywriting competitor analysis

We as SEO copywriters believe that competitor analysis is probably one of the most important & most overlooked sections of copywriting. Assuming you know how you’re going to market this new copy and in what market, who the copy is intended for and what keywords you’re roughly targeting, you need to understand how your words are going to have more impact on the searcher and be more related to their key phrase than the hundreds and thousands of other pages on the same or similar subject.

We complete competitor analysis on all copy we develop to see how your information can be leagues ahead of your competition’s, and also how it can be helpful, thought-provoking, insightful or funny enough to become viral content.

Content that has a high reading level, high interest and low bounce rate can double your conversions overnight on a website or spread like wildfire over social networks. We are one of only a handful of SEO’s that write copy to such a high level of interest for the search engines and potential customers.

Our bespoke, advanced SEO packages contain many different types of link building and content spread over many different link-building networks. Our trained writers are experienced in creating unique content and onsite optimisation. Contact us if you would like to know more about the submission process, what a professional SEO package includes and how to get the very best from your Search Engine Marketing project.

Article copywriting

There are many different types of articles. Articles can be helpful, informative, gossip-based, interesting, negative and about any subject. There are hundreds of article websites on the Internet where we can distribute. And from this thousands of users can read and share your content.

We write our articles to be marketable. Articles that make you want to share and distribute. Articles like this have phenomenal power to go viral on the Internet. Even major social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 have their own section on feeds designated for trending articles.

Not all articles see mass converge, some articles are just fantastic for providing great value-adding content to the internet, helping with information on a subject or perhaps just getting across your brand and message.

Press release copywriting

Thousands of press release websites are read daily on a variety of different subjects catching users’ attention.

Press release information is normally short and stingy, information that wants to spread quickly and give readers nothing but short simple facts about the subject.

Perhaps your business has some news it wants to inform the Internet community about, a new product launch or website going live. PR copywriting to the right demographic will viral well. Originally-written, bespoke SEO copywriting is great for readers and search engines alike.

Blog post copywriting

Blogs are possibly one of the best ways to increase your long-tail and medium-tail traffic. Being more focused on one particular subject, blogs normally have a higher read and conversion rate.

Blog post copywriting is meant to be fun, it should be about the subjects within your industry; if you are interested in the topic, chances are that your online community will also be interested and want to start an online conversation.

We complete keyword research, copywriting audits and competition analysis on blog posts as we write them. Good quality, relevant, well-optimised posts can generate more natural rankings on the topic on the major search engines. More posts can bring more traffic and more conversions.

Posts have more chance of success if the website has had Search Engine Optimisation performed by a professional SEO company like ourselves. The higher your search engine score for onsite, link-building and user metrics, the higher pages within your website are likely to rank on the search engines.

Completed correctly, a good quality website blog could have thousands of quality ranking pages, increase followers on the major social networks, increase conversions as long- and mid-tail keywords generate higher levels of activity and, as your website grows to have so much rich information, Google and the major search engines will also increase your trust rankings giving you higher overall search results.

Website copywriting

Website copywriting is possibly the hardest copy to produce. However over the years we have become particularly good at developing content for the search engines and at the same time engaging your customer base.

To a potential customer, website content has to lead somewhere, say something, set you out from the crowd, be engaging, enthralling, descriptive and help you use call-to-action elements of the page.

To the search engine, website copy needs to be all of the above, first and foremost, however there are other questions it will also be asking. Is the copy on the website engaging enough to keep customers’ attention? Does this page seem spammy or untrustworthy? Would you trust this website with medical information, and hundreds of other questions, while determining the best position for your domain on the results page.

Our website copywriters are incredibly experienced and can help get your message across to potential customers. All website content goes through rigorous copywriting audits, keyword research and competitor analysis testing to see the very best results.

Copy testing & A/B testing

By using our specialist copy testing tools, A/B testing and conversion testing, our skilled editors are also able to increase your conversion rates, decrease bounce rate, decrease exit rate and increase the time potential customers spend on the website by changing elements of your website’s text.

Successful SEO copywriting

True, anyone can put pen to paper – or in this case keywords on a page – and send it out to the Internet community. However developing content that’s going to go up against the huge keywords within your keyword market and win is a skill of its own. Our team specialise in keyword research and competitor analysis. We will help you understand your search market and develop content that doesn’t just target a handful of keywords, but literally hundreds.

We aim to be as engaging to your customers as possible while staying interesting to the search engines. We can help you take a page idea and turn it into an Internet marketing copywriting viral. We aim to develop interest within your market sector while being easily accessible to users of social website’s, helping them add & comment. All of our copywriting, whether it’s website copy, articles, press releases, or blog pages within your website, are optimised to the highest standard for greater Internet success. Well-optimised content is great for developing more exposure and Internet traffic.

We are able to test your content by using specialist programs to see how we can improve, how we can add more value and how users are interacting with it. Successful copy testing helps increase conversions and generate more brand loyalty.