SEO Audits

Quality onsite SEO audits, link-building audits & user metric audits to develop a better website organically

Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other major search engines often look for thousands of different ranking factor points around your website while contemplating your deserved ranking result. All elements are compared against your competition within the market to give you an overall score. As your score goes up, over time so will your website’s ranking for individual keywords.

There are three main areas that the search engine will analyse while deciding your rankings. There are literally thousands of factors that go into the mix when it comes to ranking. We aim to understand how your SEO competition have ranked and work on developing a better website for the keyword market.

Onsite SEO audits

Onsite Search Engine Optimisation is incredibly important to a Search Engine Marketing campaign. Onsite SEO is the art form of developing interesting, free-flowing content for the user of your website with the search engines in mind. Onsite SEO is judged against your competition and relevancy to the searched phrase. Scores are given per keyword, per page, per domain name.Onsite SEO is often completed by poor SEO’s in the form of changing the title tags, keywords and description; this is not enough to see the best from an SEO campaign.To see first page results we need to understand how your website competes with the other websites indexed within Google, Yahoo! & Bing.We generate advanced reports per page and per keyword against your competition, to understand areas to work on, long-tail and mid-tail quick wins, and also a scalable onsite plan to increase rankings.

All of our onsite Search Engine Optimisation is completed to the very highest standards with tried and tested SEO techniques. We know that your competition’s websites often change along with algorithm updates so we run our onsite SEO audits frequently to see the best of your SEO campaign.

SEO Auditing does take some time, however completed right, your website could be targeting thousands of short-, mid- and long-tail keywords within your market.

Link-building audits

A quality link-building company can be hard to find.The core of our business is link building & we are always updating our techniques to be compliant with Google’s forever-changing algorithm. Links are especially important within an SEO package, when your onsite SEO is completed to the level where Google looks upon and sees you as an industry leader, links are what take you from number 10 to number 1 on Google. We have the ability to hand build ethical white hat SEO links for you. We hand build links in such a way as to make it seem as if your customers are talking about your products and services on the Internet.We complete competitor analysis, focusing on links to your competition, and understanding how they attained the heights of Google and what we need to accomplish to see similar results.Our skilled link-building team can develop links in the form of social bookmarks, article distribution, press release submissions, 1-way links, high PR link building, directory submissions and many, many more.

Once completed, we provide you with detailed link-building reports showing the work we have completed.

We also work on your website to become its own link-building tool, helping develop content and information that generates rankings, easily spreadable on social sites by readers and in some cases trend SEO or develop into its own viral.

User metric audits

Google already have the ability to track users’ experience on your website. They understand how soon a user clicked onto your website from the search results, they understand what the click-through-rate was, they can gather data using Google phones, tool bars and also Google Chrome.They understand what pages searchers were interested in, where they got bored, how they found you and if they liked the website on a social media website or perhaps Google+1.So what does it all mean and how does it affect your rankings? Well, to Google’s eyes, all they want to do is bring back the most relevant information to the searched keyword. They want to bring back the best websites so users come back to Google rather then going to different search engines.

If Google sees that your website is highly ranked and generating traffic, however the user experience isn’t great, you will be penalised. From a conversion point of view, who wants a website where the exit rate is high, or you’re boring your customers with irrelevant sales pages, or the website doesn’t work cross-browser, annoying customers?

We help increase customers’ time on your website, increase their interest, help funnel them through pages to a call to action, decrease bounce rate and increase conversions.

Looking at user metrics we can help improve user experience and this will develop a healthy ROI and better Google rankings.