Search Engine Optimisation

Our Search Engine Optimisation services and SEO packages are second to none. We complete our SEM projects and SEO packages to the very highest standards, ethically and transparently giving our customers the very highest chances of search engine success targeting sought-after keywords with high levels of traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation & marketing techniques that see major results from sought after traffic & keywords

Past experience, dedication, the right mix of non-voodoo-related Search Engine Optimisation and a sensible pro-active account manager to look after you. A good helping of reports to show you where we are making headway. Changes to improve rankings, increase profits and develop your brand. We talk so much sense, probably why we are seen as so transparent within the search engine industry.

How do we work?

Well we have three steps to make sure that we get the very best from your Search Engine Marketing campaign.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

  • Advanced keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Are there any quick wins?
  • Plan of action and areas to improve
  • Onsite audit
  • On-page SEO optimisation
  • Monthly link building
  • Local/advanced social media campaign
  • Content campaign
  • Developing rankings
  • Testing & increasing conversions
  • Building your on-line brand awareness
  • Reports and analysis

Keyword research

It all begins with the ‘searched’ keyword. Keyword research is possibly the most important element of Search Engine Marketing, it takes only a few correct keywords to make a successful Search Engine Optimisation project & a few negative or unproductive keywords to destroy an SEM campaign.

Pick the wrong keywords or targeted phrases and you can waste thousands of pounds, a lot of time & get caught in Google’s constantly-updating algorithm. Targeting a nice collection of the Goliath keywords and also a collection of smaller ones helps show Google that you’re aiming to become or deserve to be the market leader within your market. Smaller lesser-searched keywords still bring in the right customers to your website.

Mixed keywords also let you understand how your customers are searching, what they are looking for, what content they are responding to and how to develop more of spreadable or viral content while adding value to the internet.

We help you understand your keyword market, finding out how your market works and understanding how we can create interesting, searchable, value-adding and relevant content. Giving both the search engines and also your customers targeted keyword-based content is the first step on the road to Search Engine Optimisation success.

Competitor research

Who are we eager to get ahead of? How did they get there in the first place? What is the scale of the task we have ahead of us? Are there elements of the SEO process our competition is lacking in that we can take advantage of?

Competitor research is the process of gathering the top-10 major players for a particular keyword and saying, how are they better than us, how have they done what they have done, how can we be better and what common elements can we improve upon to secure higher results?

This is each element of code, copy, links, likes and shares along with hundreds of other ranking factors that major search engines take a keen view of, while deciding where or how the rankings on the first page will be positioned.

Are there any quick wins?

There are often many quick wins to be had from completing keyword and competitor analysis. Often it’s a case of adding a few extra blog pages, new content, removing something site-wide or different elements of a combined collection, allowing you to see results from your new research.

On-site audit & on page optimisation

Once we know where we want to go, we need to set up all page elements to make sure they are also on board with the direction, often referred to as onsite.

Many SEO’s simply change the title tags, description and perhaps a few links dotted about on a page.

It just will not cut it in today’s algorithm. We test each keyword making sure its keyword density is perfect, making sure it has more following copy, more insightful content, easier to follow and read, and more relevant to the keyword than your top 10 competition with the keyword market & more spreadable as viral material.

Something that sounds simple but is quite the opposite. Completed to our standards and you will not see just 10-20+ keywords on Google, but have literally thousands.

Link building

Links are the roads search engines follow to find new relevant content, if links are followed from subjects that relate to your project and they find your qualified content, Google will accept that the links built and pointed to your domain are adding value to the internet. Links and link building are the trump card to any SEO campaign.

However just building scattered, nonsensical links will do more damage to your Search Engine Optimisation project than good. We analyse the back link profiles of your competition for each specific keyword, understand how they created these links and why the links are working so well for them, then replicate the links to your qualified value-added content and build more relevant links to your content.

Google will count and follow these links, see that your website is popular and move you up the rankings naturally.

Social media campaign

Social media has never been more important combined with a Search Engine Marketing project. Close Facebook, turn off laptop, get ready for bed, unlock phone, check Facebook. When was the last time you said good night to your customers?

800 Million users on Facebook, 400 Million on Google+, 175 million users on Twitter: all of these users have the ability to share a clever viral, talk about a brand, complete the link-building side of an SEM project for you. Google is now actively looking at how customers look, use and interact with your website and online profiles.

Something to take advantage of now and be ahead of the game. Let’s get you on Google+ while your competition are still figuring out Twitter.

Content campaign

Content is and will always be king. We love content, it’s the one section overlooked on almost every website we work with, unfortunately it is more often then not the most exciting, interesting and powerful tool you have.

Writing honestly, passionately and from the heart can help get a blog post spread by not just your customers but hundreds of users that are also interested in what you’re talking about.

A customer recommendation is the most powerful form of marketing, is your website helping your customers engage and talk about your brand?

Easy content and long-tail content is often overlooked for the major keywords within the market.

What we see and many other SEO’s don’t is that you can generate a better level of customers to your website simply by communicating with them, talking about headaches they face, how to solve small issues, pitfalls. If something is interesting to your business, it’s often interesting to your customers & potential customer base.

SERPS Search engine result positions

SEO Results are not just simply delivered overnight. It’s a combination of the search engines seeing how you’re developing your link building, your content, how you stack up against your competition, and understanding what could be holding you back.

Once we have identified all the areas of your website and fixed them to the best industry standards, your website’s rankings will increase. As your website’s rankings do increase we aim to have your website already developing its own following and making a healthy return on investment from your search engine project.

Testing & increasing conversions

Now we have the results, what more can we do? Well the results are just the start. We firmly believe in working with your website to increase your customers’ activity.

We aim to increase conversions and develop bigger brand awareness from your internet marketing. We use A/B testing and conversion testing to increase how long users will stay on your website, increase the pages they are looking at, work on making the navigation throughout the website simpler and help them sign up or use calls to action.

Action pages can be for example filling in a form or spending more money with you. Primary goals with testing are decreasing customer bounce & exit rates from your website, increasing time spent and increasing conversions.

Conversion testing is in our eyes phenomenal; increase your profit levels by 65% almost overnight by retaining customers and giving them targeted, tested pages.

Reports and analysis

Reports. It’s possibly the very best way to understand just how the marketing process is going. We generate daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly SEO reports depending on what search engine plan you’re on with us and how in-depth your would like to take your SEO campaign.

Our tailored approach lets us and you, working together, set up automatic SEO reports to be delivered on your day of choice. Your reports can cover all aspects of the campaign, to elements you want to focus more on.

Traffic, results, conversions, location, specific links built, customer analysis, so on and so forth. We have around 100 different elements we can deliver reports for.

Your friendly account manager will be able to talk over the changes day to day, month to month, helping you gain more from your campaign.

All SEO reports are easy to understand and are pretty much jargon free, simple for you to access the data you require quickly and efficiently.


The SEO process is not a quick one, it’s a in-depth, very analytical process. The major sections of understanding the market, rebuilding the website for the customer, and then finally marketing it, via search engines and as a viral marketing campaign, are often performed badly – giving the SEO industry a bad name.

Often Search Engine Marketing companies focus too much on one element rather than the complete picture, and it’s true some elements of the SEO process can be overlooked; it’s wise not to if you want to have real Internet marketing success in dominating your market.

If you are unsure about choosing the right Search Engine Marketing company for you please check out our cheat sheet on sales pitches to avoid.

For free SEO tips and also help files that go into more detail on the major elements of an SEO marketing campaign, check out our SEO Soap Box.