Link Building

Link building packages that are advanced, white hat, organic, and add value

Links are the basic connectors from one website to another. Roads that search engines follow to find value-added content to bring back to the searcher. Good quality content that has a high standard of links receives higher marks on their ranking factors & better search engine rankings. Our link building team hand-build links in such a manner it looks like your customers are talking and spreading the word about your products, pages and services.

There is no better job satisfaction than seeing a small business grow from the rankings customers receive from the marketing plan we put in place. Link building will for the time being be the tool search engines use to measure website popularity.

Our link building agency is completely white hat, our team has tried and tested measures in place developing links that are specific to your market sector. Once your links have been built and the search engines accredit the links to your domain name, your rankings will improve quickly and naturally.

Link building audits

There are many types of links that we will hand build to point to your website. Our link building packages are bespoke and built around your competition and the results we want to see on the major search engines from individual keywords.

We complete the competitor link analysis of your competition and see how and why your competition is seeing the results you are not. We generate link building reports from each website within the top10 searches on Google for the chosen keyword, this is a time-consuming task, however, completed right it will be rewarding when your rankings come to fruition.

Reviewing the link reports give us a clear indication of what types of links should be more powerful to your link building package. Once we have a firm grasp of the task ahead we can set out a measurable plan of action that should combined with good user metrics & onsite Search Engine Optimisation, deliver those sought-after top spots on the search engines.

We are always up-to-date with the very newest search engine algorithms.

Our hand built links are built in safe manageable numbers to avoid Google’s over-optimised algorithm penalties. Compliant with The Panda, Penguin, and other algorithm updates.

Types of links

There are two effective link-building ways to get your business promoted on the internet and we love both of them. There are many types of links that fall into the two categories: Hand built, quality professional Link building packages & viral content link building packages.

Viral content link building

There is nothing more exciting then getting a buzz going about your brand and business. Interesting, linkable content that spreads itself is invaluable. There is no more rewarding sale than from a personal recommendation. Is your marketing setup to viral?

Content that is spread by your followers, people interested in your market & naturally by readers is a fantastic way of getting your website marketed. Viral Link building packages can be a very powerful tool in establishing your brand on the internet.

Professional quality link building

Completed manually over many different types of website, hand built link building is a more focused link building strategy.

After your competition’s link audit we will set to work our professional link building team to hand build links from a variety of sources looking as if your customers are talking about your products, content and services.

Link building is completed through many different website mediums, including but not limited to.

  • General directory submission
  • Niche directory submission
  • Deeplink/themed/directory submissions
  • Blog directory submission
  • Guaranteed directory listing
  • RSS feed submission
  • Direct link building PR0 – 8
  • Social bookmarking submissions
  • Guaranteed social bookmarks
  • Press release distribution
  • Forum link building
  • Articles submissions

Overview of our link building techniques

All of our quality Link building packages are hand built by experienced website and link-building editors. As we build your links we will set up an account and user-name under our domain name to take care of all submissions that need to be authenticated. Once we have completed your link-building campaign we list all the websites within an Excel file and send them across to you. All of our links are from trusted sources and have been tried and tested with Google’s new algorithms. All links are submitted or included in sections relevant to your industry. We don’t do spam, just 100% quality & hand built link building.

Social bookmarking links

Social bookmark submissions are built on many different social bookmark websites. Websites like twitter, digg, and so on. These websites have natural users.

Our links to social bookmark websites are built for both search engines to see and follow accrediting your domain name and at the same time, for users to become interested in and share.

We build in huge numbers with social bookmarking as we feel that active attention around and social buzz about your domain will be the way forward for search engine rankings.

Directory submission

True, the humble directory is seen as a thing of the past however there are some good directories out there, and having your links included in them would benefit your rankings no end.

We have many different types of directories from general directory submissions to deep link, automatic inclusion, themed directory submissions, high page rank directly submissions and many, many more.

As with all of our link building we deliver your quality, high inclusion level submissions. We provide excel files of where links have been submitted or automatically included.

Edu & .Gov links

We do have access to high level domain names, normally colleges and institutions where we can develop a hard-hitting link from to your domain.

Google tends to trust these domains more than standard domains, these links can be a powerful tool in the Search Engine Optimisation battle.

Blog comments

There is already so much content on the Internet that communicates about your topic, your collection of products, your types of services and other areas of interest within the sector.

Google would love to see links coming from do-follow-blogs’ comments to your website, especially if the website you’re commenting on is answering a question, helping in some way, or adding value to the huge conversation happening on the net.

Blogs are frequently looked at by people within or wanting to learn more about your market. There is a possibility of catching someone’s eye here too.

Forum link building

Forum link building is about adding value to the ongoing conversation. Forum threads are often on a particular conversation. We aim to add value to the conversation by providing an angle the conversation hasn’t thought about or perhaps a resource that helps the community. With your brand and link placed at the bottom of the signature for users and search engines alike to follow.

Article distribution

Article distribution completed in the right fashion can get a whole powerful conversation started on the Internet.

Good, helpful, fresh, innovating content spread across a collection of the finest article websites on the internet can get hundreds and thousands of readers viewing the article and buying into the brand, and at the same time, if the content is good enough, spread on their social network websites or bookmarked organically.

1-Way link building

We have lists of hundreds of websites across all market sectors and deal with the owners on a regular basis. Getting a small write-up or perhaps interesting link that’s within relevant copy will promote your website to both users of their website and also the major search engines.

All white hat and done in the correct manner with viral SEO content, this can have a huge effect on your Search Engine Marketing results.

Press release distribution

There are many websites that are dedicated to press release distribution. We like to write articles that inspire, talk about your services, and at the same time generate many individuals also interested in the topic making links of their own or sharing your articles on social media websites.

Having an interesting section of press release viral in a positive way can generate many organic links and also get your brand actively talked about by new potential customers.

Press release done in the right way can be a very powerful tool in generating major search engine results. Effective when link building is created by hand and also spread as viral content.

Other link building

We can ethically hand build 2.0 link building, link wheels, high page rank links, link bait and many other varieties of link building, if they are right to see the best from your Internet marketing campaign.

All links are hand built on ethical websites, nothing black hat, and search engine compliant.

Link building conclusion

Good quality link building takes time. It’s not an overnight project, however completed correctly, with the right on-site Search Engine Optimisation and user metrics your business will dominate the search engines.

Most link-building companies build links in a slapdash fashion. More links, the higher up you rank is the thought. We don’t see link building in the same light. Building links is a time consuming, important factor of the SEO campaign. While building your links, why not try and get the most from them by using interesting content, viral content, helpful content and link building that is going to add value to the Internet.

We avoid paying for links as these links normally get figured out pretty quickly by the search engines. As paid-for link building is found, the search engines normally remove link juice accredited to your domain. We as a transparent search engine marketing company prefer to build links in a slow, compliant, honest fashion making it look as if your customers are talking about your products and services.

All of our quality link-building services are completed to the very highest standards. Link building is performed in a non-spam, white-hat way. All of our link-building techniques have been tried and tested over many different markets with successful search engine results. Once complete we show you precisely what work has been completed and monitor the reaction from the search engines, customers and also conversions. Our business truly is based on your success and we aim to deliver the highest search engine results from simply the very best hand built link building & viral SEO content.