Keyword Research

Advanced keyword research and keyword analysis completed to high levels for maximum traffic & rankings

Keyword analysis & keyword research

At the very start of a successful search engine optimisation campaign are hours, sometimes days, of quality professional keyword research and Keyword analysis. Keyword research and Keyword analysis is an art form. Just going to Google AdWords tools and hitting ‘broad’ is nowhere near enough if your business is to become an Internet marketing success.

What would your customers type into the search engines to find you? What middle-scale and long-tail keywords would benefit your website’s traffic? What levels of traffic should we expect from your SEO campaign? What’s your competition doing keyword-wise and are we better or worse than the typical local website in the market? All good questions.

Firstly to understand how keywords work and how they will help your search success, we need to address what the three varieties are. For many years SEO’s, web designers and telesales-based marketers believed that the long-tail keyword was an easy win and had no real value, as all the major traffic was at the higher end of the scale where all the competitive keywords were. Many people would then resort to saying “We shall start on your SEO campaign in the middle where it’s easier to see success”. Take a look at this graph showing the search demand curve:-

Short-tail SEO keywords

Keywords at the top of the searches bring in thousands of searches on a daily basis. The keywords are hard to get to the top of the search engines for, however, once there the levels of traffic, enquiries and also conversions are high. Hence why search phrases in this market are so highly sought after.

We have SEO packages that will deliver these results, but it’s often not an overnight process. Keywords of this level take time to see results from. Once secured, your website will be in the mix of national brands and industry leaders.

Keywords of this level often have lower levels of conversions compared to keywords that are long-tail or medium-tailed. Users that enter your website through short-tailed keyword phrases are often looking to browse. The perfect time to show your new products, why your services are better than your competition’s and how your products will add value to their requirements.

Mid-tail SEO keywords

Mid-sized keywords are often a primary keyword of the SEO campaign and a specific word that makes the search, for example the keyword ‘SEO’ is a primary national keyword, the keyword ‘SEO packages’ would be a little easier to see results from.

Mid tailed keywords are integral in a search engine marketing campaign as these are the keywords you see the majority of search results from in the early days of the online marketing campaign.

On securing these mid-sized keywords, we would have worked on your domain to be seen as a helpful resource on the topic or keyword. At this point we can help secure the national or short keywords within the search engines. Due to the fact your website has been through a vigorous SEO project, securing rankings on high-revenue short-tailed keywords will become a lot easier due to the trust we have developed with the search engines.

Long-tail SEO keywords

The power of long-tail Keyword analysis can change your whole business marketing plan. Customers have a higher conversion rate when searching with long-tail keywords. The issue is that the long-tail keywords do not have the same search volume as the short- and mid-tail. However over 70% of the eighty eight billion searches made on Google each month are long-tail.

Customers searching long-tail keywords usually know what they want, they are not looking to browse, and they are keen to move on with their purchase or enquiry. Long-tail keywords will not see the same levels of traffic as the short- or medium-tail, however the customer is faster to convert & knows precisely what they want.

The good news is the long-tail keywords have billions of searches each month, they are relatively easy to crack, and when completely right they will convert more sales and more enquiries than your national keywords.

Keyword types conclusion

It is a good idea to take a mix from all keywords, short-tailed and more advanced keywords will take longer to see results from, longer- and mid-level keywords are phenomenal for bringing in customers that know what they are looking for, compared to the national keywords where customer traffic activity seems to suggest that users browse, looking for the best price, deal or learning more about the search phrase.

Keywords, your competition & business growth

There are an infinite number of keywords on the Internet. There will be a huge level that applies to your website’s online marketing plan and SEO development. You should have a rough idea of where to start as you will have searched for some of your keyword markets and common domains and competition will be popping up within the search results.

First things first, we need to develop a keyword spider map, a chart that shows you where traffic is searching, what they are searching for, and what information they are receiving when they hit Go.

Our spider maps break down into useful and informative information about your market.

  • Understands keywords for which your Top-10-results competition on the search engines are ranking
  • Which short-tail, mid- & long-tail keywords they are ranking for
  • All keywords within the market, long, mid & short
  • What areas of these keywords have lower competition and vice versa
  • Areas for quick wins
  • Long-term keywords
  • Levels of traffic
  • & Most importantly, once we have a list of good quality keywords to target, how we stand against the competition in the form of everything on-site, everything off-site, and link building, along with rankings. The road map to SEO success.

Keywords, ROI & levels of traffic

There is no reason for taking on an SEO campaign if it’s not going to deliver a measurable return on your investment. SEO to our mind is one of a few markets where marketing success can be delivered quickly & cheaply.

Using advanced monitoring techniques we are able to increase the levels of conversions by simply tweaking websites’ copy within a search engine, page layout or simple A/B testing.

True, an SEO project does take a while to see results. We aim to use the longer- and mid-level keywords to see levels of traffic increase overnight. Working on conversions, and developing your website into a sales tool rather than an information point is a task we also undertake as of the start of any project.

Once complete, our aim is for every user to buy into the brand, use a call to action, join a marketing list, enter a competition, join a social network or purchase.

Levels of traffic depend on your SEO package, we have four packages that cover all aspects of the SEO process. Our SEO packages are bespoke so packages on the website are for example only. We aim to deliver results as quickly and safely as possible. On completion of our advanced keyword research we will be able to indicate what levels of traffic you should expect from your online marketing campaign.