Conversions & Testing

Conversion testing, A/B testing & user metric optimisation all increase your website’s potential earnings

If you choose to award us your Search Engine Marketing project and use one of our SEO packages, we will increase your traffic and rankings over the project for many different targeted keywords. We work on your website using SEO copywriting and competitor analysis to the highest standards assuring you that your website is seen as a leader of its market. Link building will be developed by hand in an ethical, measurable, safe manner however Google is potentially looking for the cherry on top, user metrics optimisation, conversion testing, A/B testing and a website that has high levels of interest.

Both A/B testing and user metric optimisation are very important if you want to see the most success from your Search Engine optimisation project. A/B testing is more focused on increasing the specific page’s conversion rates, and user metric optimisation involves gathering data and addressing pages within your website that have high exit levels and produce low levels of results.

User metric optimisation

Google and the major search engines have the ability to see how your website is being used by potential customers. They can track data from many different sources. Google’s phones, tool bars, Google Chrome browsers and the click-through-rate from the search engines to your website.

If they see poor user activity Google could potentially see your website as not being interesting enough to hold users’ attention, the website perhaps lacks quality information or is not of the same quality as other websites within the keyword market.

The other side of the coin is that your website could be in need of some simple changes that will increase customer activity, conversions, how customers engage, and how Google views your website against the competition.

We go further than just decreasing your bounce rate. We specifically look at each individual page on your website and generate reports using analytical information that asks the right questions: Does the page have a higher or lower reader interest rate than other pages on the same subject? Has the page got a high exit rate? Could we use A/B testing to increase the time spent on this page, or is there other information about this topic around our website, which we can provide potential customers with, increasing our page views?

We ask these questions for the whole website applying data and measuring it against the competition within the market to see the very best results.

Our user metric packages, conversion testing, A/B testing will increase user activity, decrease exit and bounce rates, while successfully increasing your conversion rates, making you more money from your Search Engine Marketing project or SEO package.

What is A/B testing or conversion testing

We work on your website, testing elements to increase yield and activity.

There are many different elements that make up your website, interesting headings, colour schemes, content, images that describe what you’re talking about and much more. Even if you love your website, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your customers will, and using conversion testing tools and A/B testing packages we can start to understand why customers are purchasing, and more importantly, why they are not.

We start by setting your website up for A/B testing. Once the specific light-weight code has been added to your website’s pages or template, we use tracking software to understand how customers navigate to the goal or call to action sections of the website. Once data has been gathered we can start analysing and building a clear picture of what text is working, which pages potential customers are finding interesting, how they are navigating, and areas that are potentially losing customers’ interest.

Addressing areas that have room for improvement, we start A/B testing. We complete A/B testing site wide, however for this example we edit your website to have two different variations of a problem page. Version A and Version B will have different content, images, colour schemes and so on.

We then filter customers to specific versions of the edited page. Version A & Version B of the edited page collect information on all the elements changed in a simple format that’s easy to spot the successful differences.

After 1,000 visits if version A has a conversion rate of 65% and version B has a conversion rate of 45%, while the starting conversion rate was 40%, we can start to make solid measurable changes to the website, increasing conversion and also website profits site-wide.

A/B testing & user metric information

Both sets of information are incredibly useful for developing a better website in the eyes of potential customers and also a more user friendly one for the major search engines like Google.

Analysing data like this can take time, however once complete and the changes are applied to the website, it will hold more traffic, be more interesting to the user and show Google that your website’s user activity is higher than other websites that are also targeting the same or similar keywords.

Increased page views, decreased bounce rates, decreased exit rates and increased time spent on the website are all positive elements to a website testing package. Almost every website we work with has room for improvement. If we can solidly improve your website’s conversion levels month on month, the extra potential earnings can be extremely high. After all, if you had a physical presence like a shop on the high street, would you not repaint, change the graphics, window signs and layout of your shop if a massive proportion of potential customers that came into your shop to browse walked away empty handed? Website testing is no different.