Choosing A Good SEO

Choosing a SEO company for your business development growth can be an expensive mistake to get wrong!

So many customers and potential customers come to us with stories of woe. Around 7 out of 10 customers we have spoken with since Totally SEO’s inception have been burnt, ripped off or had a bad experience with their Internet marketing in some way. We don’t think this is fair.

We have not added this page to our website to promote ourselves as the only way forward and tell you that you have to spend your marketing budget with us, quite the opposite, we want to help you understand what elements are involved in SEO, what could potentially be the best way forward for your business, but mostly to inform you of good solid points that you should be made aware of from an ethical SEO Company. And no is the answer, we are not 100% perfect either! We all have bad days and we can all learn more about our own industries.

How to choose a SEO company – SEO is simple

Firstly, The SEO process is simple. Developing rankings and staying there is not. Google’s always updating its search engine algorithms, this frequently adds to the myths within the industry. Not necessarily due to companies telling lies, more based around ideas or theories about the search engine ranking procedure and factors.

Google don’t give you a definite guide to being number one. They simply say, “Be real, don’t spam, add value” along with hundreds of other quality ways of marketing your website. The job of a good Search Engine Optimisation company is to help safely tip the ranking decision factors in your favour.

Good SEO packages

Be warned about non-bespoke packages, your success is based around your website’s metrics & competition on the search engines. Each keyword & website listing brings back thousands of different competing domain names all striving for a number 1 result on Google.

A good SEO company will dive into research right away, research that can take up to 3 weeks or more. Once complete an SEO can develop a marketing plan. There is no other way to see the best results! Only about 20% of the industry adopts this technique. Don’t buy standard packages, they are not designed around your competition.

The quote

Google have a keyword tool that shows you potential levels of traffic from the search engines. It is designed for AdWords. It gives you an indication, not a guaranteed level of traffic. There are many better solutions and techniques to understand your potential traffic levels more accurately.

If you have a quote with just a long list of keywords and high numbers next to them be warned, the levels of traffic are for number 1 results.

The number 1 position sees 55-65% of traffic for the main keyword. Your website will have a bounce rate of 20%-60%. Your potential traffic will get lost or not find relevant information to the search.

The numbers are not set in stone and markets trend and change. We prefer to give you a graph showing expected traffic over the year after subtracting all metrics of lost traffic, bounce, Click Through Rate and such.

Web designers are not SEO’s

There are hundreds of quality website designers and only a handful of great SEO’s. We don’t sell websites, as mixing apples and pears leads to being a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

Be warned about this as the web design industry is not the Search Engine Optimisation industry.

Leading SEO’s

“We are the UK’s leading SEO company, the fastest-growing SEO company and we are always winning awards. Look at how many awards we have, we must be incredible.”

Did you know that most award-winning SEO’s pay for their awards? Awards don’t necessarily mean quality or guaranteed Search Engine Optimisation rankings. Awards are paid monthly and cost £500-£3,000. If awards were given out on customer care, attention to detail, delivered rankings and Internet marketing success we would hope to be within the winners’ group.

How much does SEO cost?

Search Engine Optimisation should, if completed properly, make you money from leads and sales rather then cost you business time and money. The harder the keywords your business is targeting, the more time and effort an SEO company will have to put into your project to see results.

You need to understand what you’re paying for. If the company simply says “we will just get you there”, or possibly “we know a guy at Google”, or they try and hide behind jargon, stay away.

The SEO Process is a mixture of many different elements including, but not limited to our process page. If the Search Engine Marketing company completes on-site SEO, link building, reputation management, viral content to a quality level that adds value to the Internet, and can prove their worth, they should be amongst the small collection of good SEO’s in the UK.

Fees for SEO work can range from £99 all the way to £10,000 p/m. We always recommend staying away from the lower end of the market. After all, how much work can you really accomplish from £99 per month? A solid marketing campaign should be worked upon at least three to ten days a month, with a cost of £300-£2,000 p/m. Rough numbers we know.

Guaranteed SEO

There is no such thing as guaranteed SEO. Guaranteed SEO is a crazy selling concept. Google decides your rankings, not your SEO.

Picking a good SEO company

Most of our advice is pretty straightforward. Don’t buy SEO over the phone for £25 p/m. Talk to customers of the company and see if they are happy. Drill the SEO Agency, or even better ask for a trial like we offer.