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7 SEO tips for mobile apps makers. Gain more downloads!

Marketing your appThrough mobile apps, businesses can keep users connected and aware of their product or service. The more popular apps are in Apple’s App Store and the Android Market (Google Play Store), the more potential revenue it could make. The app itself could be a way to gain an audience with your site and its related content.

Here are 7 tips for SEO related to mobile applications:

1. Increase ratings

To first optimise your mobile app for search engines, you have to have a good product that has the attention of mobile users. When searched on Google, under the page title and link, results for apps will show the price, average rating and the number of people who voted for the app.

Using the idea of organic search, when apps are popular in the store, this visibility translates to search engines as those in the most popular category will more likely rank most popular in search results. Aim for being in the app stores’ categories of Most Popular, Top Paid Apps, Top Free Apps or Staff Picks.

2. Include the brand in the app name

As part of their search, users tend to type in brands as part of the keyword. When choosing a name for your app, consider including the brand name or company name, as a way to further market your business.

3. Include the brand name in descriptions

After choosing a potential app, users usually decide in a few seconds whether they will download it or not. When writing the description of the app, explain what app is and what it does in the first line so users are quickly informed when they go through search results or browse through the store. Like in SEO when optimising keywords by placing them in anchor text (or the text used to describe the link), place the app keyword (in this case the brand name) in the anchor text when linking to its download page.

4. Link to app download page from the main site

To complement the app, you have should have a main site that gives more information such as how to use it and what it can do to improve users’ experience in relation to your site. You can improve your app’s search engine rankings through increasing its linkability. To highlight your application using your main site, link to its download page in the market by linking from the homepage, footer, or even creating its own navigation tab.

5. Promote the app to tech sites and blogs

Increase the popularity of your app by attracting the attention of mobile users through sites and blogs for technology and news. If a tech site reviews your product, not only are the readers of that site directed to your app’s download page in the market but that same article will also included in the Google News feed underneath the first result for your app. After drawing the attention of tech sites, if your app is included in “Best of” lists for those sites like “Best apps for productivity,” “Best of 2012,” etc., it would lead to more links.

6. Add a QR code

When linking to your app from your main site, make it easier for users to go to the app’s download page by adding a QR code, a two-dimensional matrix barcode. QR codes are becoming more popular as users are scanning regular barcodes and QR codes to check prices and look up more information on sites, apps or promotions using their phones. More exposure, drive more traffic to your app in the market and more popularity in the search engine rankings.

7. Link to app through your mobile site

As the number of smartphone users are rising, users who look up websites on their phone are sometimes are directly to the mobile version of those sites. Take advantage of traffic from mobile phones by linking to the mobile app from those redirected pages. Sites like Facebook and news site The Huffington Post link visitors to their app from their mobile site as a way to increase its site speed and optimise the view for their phone.

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