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Gmail in search results: has email marketing become essential?

Email Marketing in Google ResultsGoogle has recently announced that they will be blending information from Gmail with Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This new invention is under trial and many people now wonder how it will work and its effect on Search Engine Optimisation. Has email marketing revived its importance once more?

At the moment, Google is conducting a limited trial on the new innovation. The trial is open to a limited number of people. If you would like to participate in testing this new feature, you can visit the Google Search Experiments Page. This trial is only available on the Google website in English language. People who do not have Google accounts cannot use this feature since it is a requirement that you must have an email address account with Gmail (for example as to qualify to take part in the trial. There is a provision for those who opt to quit, meaning that you can quit participating in the trial anytime at your own will.

Googlemail to be in search results


How will the Gmail integrated search engine results program work?

To illustrate how it works, let’s consider a case whereby a client wants to purchase a mountain bike from an online merchant. To find out info on this product, you need to look for information about the product from Google. After entering the search term “mountain bikes” and clicking on the search icon, Google will pull up information about mountain bikes into the primary SERPs. In addition to this, Google will look for relevant information in your Gmail inbox and then display this information on the top right hand side of the primary SERPs, giving you personalised information about the search term or keyword you entered in the search box.

When will the new feature become fully functional and accessible to everyone? How long should we wait for its full launch?

Google will most likely pull up between one to five results from your Google mail inbox. Included results will be up to date. Most likely emails that are sent or received and contain the desired keyword should display in the SERP’s within 15 minutes.

Keyword density appears as an important characteristic which determine which emails make appear on the search results pages. For now, it seems like the same will happen with exact text matches. The exact text match can either be in the field, body or subject of the email.

Another factor that might affect which emails are picked from your Gmail inbox is when the email was delivered. Newer emails are in this case considered up to date and hence given a higher priority over old emails and spam emails. This leads to the question, will emails that the recipient responded to gain preference over those without the recipient’s response?

If there is a relevant local business page on the results page, its map will be displayed above the email search listings. If there are shopping results relevant to your searched keywords, then there will be no Gmail results displayed.

Now here is how to optimise your emails for future results

Google will probably consider all emails as another form of content and rank them the same way as webpages are usually ranked. Due to this, it is important to concentrate on SEO and include various SEO techniques while sending out emails. Write your emails like you complete onsite SEO. Include H1, H2, body and strong tags in HTML. Include keywords: long, mid and short variations of targeted keywords. All these and more SEO techniques will help exploit the new feature for SEO traffic. You should try and include IMG ALT tags and anchor text in your emails.

Probably, the same Search Engine Optimisation factors will apply to email marketing.

Email your customers weekly using a variety of keywords based around news and updates. This is one of the ways for your emails to be found by Google. Make sure that the email contains informative and optimised content. There is a possibility that emails that are read by many recipients, newsletters from news websites for example, earn the highest levels of rankings and view.

Only time and results from Google’s field test will hold the answer to whether this feature falls in the bracket of the main services that Google offers. However, it is a good idea to build this in to your future marketing plans.

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