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New Sony Google TV Box

Google TV BoxAlthough Google TV wasn’t much of a success earlier on, Sony has taken a second try at Google TV by offering various features such as Blu-ray Player along with a streaming box and an improved remote with many helpful features.

While Google TV has gone international, this particular high end set top box is only offered to people in UK and USA provided that they pre-order this device.

Yes, all of us in the office and geeks and can connect to the Internet via many sources at home. I personally honestly don’t have the time, however can connect via PS3, iPad to TV, Xbox, 3D Blu-ray and also a Smart TV all able to connect to the internet. However the Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV set top box is something to top them all, we are all eagerly waiting for this product.


The Sony NSZ-GS7 is slightly smaller than Logitech Revue. However, this device still contains various features such as HDMI Pass through and SPDIF. In addition two ports, a built in IR blaster along with an external one are also provided. What’s more is that this device offers ethernet and integrated Wi-Fi. Along with the FTP access and USB ports, you also receive 8 GB of internal memory which is another plus point. It should be noted that the system memory indicates that the device has only 4 GB internal memory and it is believed that the remaining 4 GB is reserved for the operating system.

Google TV is switching to a more reliable ARM, Marvel Amanda 1500 CPU to meet high usage demands. Since this device has a 1.2 GHz chip it is much faster than the Logitech Revue.

Both HD output formats and 3D output formats are offered in this device. You can not only cable box or Blu-ray player using this device but you can also pass both the audio and video or just the video by using this device.

There is also an option for Dolby Digital Range Control if you are interested to remove the extra loud scenes while watching TV or a movie. The HDMI CEC feature is a pleasant surprise that should be present in all set top boxes.

The remote

Google & Sony TV RemoteThe Remote of the Sony NSZ-GS7 Google set top box is atheistically pleasant. In addition, this remote uses standard batteries, which is an added feature. The remote is Bluetooth capable and the touchpad is quite user friendly since it has pinch to zoom and drag to scroll features. The remote also has an option through which you can adjust the speed via system settings and also switch on the backlight for the remote.

The keyboard is slim and well-designed. The sensor in the remote is meant to prevent accidental clicks when kept aside. The sensor is also responsible for activating the backlight when the remote is picked up.

The actual layout of the remote’s buttons is logical and the remote also contains hard keys for the D-Pad, DVR, Home Guide and Input Selection. Various other buttons such as dedicated volume button, a dedicated mute button and channel controls make using this remote an easy task.

The remote also doubles as a universal remote that can be programmed via a simple on screen menu. Sony and Google have gone over and above the basics and ensured that everyone is happy even those users who like using real buttons. These users can pair up IP remotes meant for Android and iOS devices while using the set top box.


The Sony NSZ-GS7 is pre-loaded with Google TV version 3.2 that includes many of the older features and functions found in the old version of Google TV.

The Sony Entertainment Network has also been included in this device.

Screen savers, text to speech and configuration screens are also included in the Sony NSZ-GS7 Google Set Top Box.

The Sony Google TV set top box can be considered as an upgrade from the Logitech Revue due to the additional features offered. The remote is the high point of this device; however the hardware changes are also appreciated. The price of the device is set at £199 which is one of the least expensive ways users can enjoy their favorite movie or TV show in HD through the Internet to your TV.

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