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10 Amazing Tools Entrepreneurs & business owners must have

Google Drive

Formerly known as Google Docs, an alternative to paid software like Microsoft Office and now called Google Drive, users can create documents in a cloud-based environment, As a business owner, being able to work from anywhere without having to worry about backing up their data is important. Users can also securely store their documents on Google’s servers by uploading their documents to Google Drive, instead of their hard drives so data will not be lost.

If you are self-employed, the personal finance manager is especially useful to keep track of budgets and business goals. Users of sync and record their bank accounts, credit cards, loans investments and property with the site. They can create budgets for business expenses and to mark profits, while also locating trends of where their money is going. also alerts users if they are overspending in a budget category or if something seems abnormal in their accounts.

Skype or Google Voice

Through video and voice call software like Skype or Google Voice, business owners can stay connected with employees, partners or collaborators from anywhere through free or low-cost voice calls. By communicating through video and voice calls, people can focus on projects in real time or work out any issues as if they were in the same room together. After signing up for a Google Voice account, businesses can have their own phone number which they can sync with their personal mobile devices.

Email Marketing

By engaging in communication with email subscribers, businesses can increase their exposure, inform readers with the news of their brand and promote themselves through their social media sites. Use a mass email marketing company like Totally SEO to send emails to subscribers while collecting data for you to analyse such as how many people opened up an email and clicked through links in it. Call us for more information.

Google Hangouts/ Google Calendar

For Google Apps for businesses, users can combine Calendar with Hangouts, an app used for video meetings, allowing businesses to hold conferences online to brief members. Up to 10 people can join a meeting on Hangouts, using their computer or mobile device. Users can create a hangout as a Google Calendar event so other members can enter meetings by clicking on the Calendar entry or invite. Google Calendar itself is useful for organising  important dates and appointments, using color codes for their easy viewing.


With Evernote, the most popular note-taking software, business owners can keep track of favourite links, share notes and sync their notes from their computer to their mobile devices. Evernote clips content from web pages (including text, images and links) to save into notes through browser extensions or through its interface to make researching and remembering easier. Through sharing notes, users can collaborate with others and exchange ideas.


With its versatility of use, transitioning from play to work, the iPad has thousands of business apps to increase office efficiency and productivity. With the lightweight iPad, users can take their device and work from anywhere. Apps are available to review and edit documents from Microsoft Office and iWork or to mark PDFS with notes during a commute or before an important meeting. The iPad also has apps to give PowerPoint or Keynote presentations or analyse business reports.

Google Analytics

Anyone with a website should have accounts for Google Analytics in order to drive traffic to their pages and increase their revenue. Google Analytics collects data necessary to manage successful keywords for Search Engine Optimisation. Call us for help with your search engine marketing.


Brainstorming to come up with ideas and innovations are essential for businesses and IdeaPaint acts a medium for those inspirations. IdeaPaint is a whiteboard paint that turns surfaces into dry-erase canvases to use for collaboration and expression of creativity. With IdeaPaint, entire rooms can be transformed into places where businesses can get the most out of their brainpower.


Another tool to express ideas, Paper is an iPad app to make graphics and for artistic creations. Using tools for drawing, sketching, outlining, writing and colouring, users can create professional-looking images using their iPad as a sketchbook or journal. Having a visual representation of ideas might be useful for businesses which struggle to communicate or need to express themselves in different ways.

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