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Regional and global search engine popularity

Search Engine Popularity & ShareSearch engines are a must for people using the Internet as they show you their take on the content of the Internet.

While most search engines are basically flat lining, there is one search engine that is still a powerful force in the online world. Google has already a large percentage of the search engine market which makes it the predominant search engine on the Internet.

Global Market Figures

There are various reasons Google search usage is increasing–quality, marketing, products–however, an interesting take is that of many people are switching to use Chrome Google’s own browser.

The decreasing popularity of the previously loved browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer that default to Bing’s search engine is another reason for Google’s increasing popularity or increased numbers of users. Although Microsoft has invested billions of dollars into marketing Bing, this search engine is of no threat to Google down to the low usage. We will write a post on how hard it is to spend money on Bing Adwords because of the low levels of traffic on day.

Chart or Search engine popularity

Global Market Figures

  • The Google search engine is still used by users worldwide and according to the Global results from Q2 2009 to Q2 2012, Google usage has increased from 89.83% to 91.93% compared to Yahoo! that has dipped from 5.29% to 3.3%. The usage for Bing has also increased marginally from 1.18% to 3.28%.
  • Chrome usage has gone up by 5% in 4 months as compared to Internet Explorer’s usage that has gone down by 6% in 4 months.

Regional Market Figures

The global market share figures are estimates however; they do not tell the real story of search engine popularity in certain countries.

For instance, in the USA, Google is used by 80.25% users where as in China, Google is used by 33.93% users. This is because in China the primary search engine used by people is Baidu which is a home grown search engine.

The search engine Baidu is used in China by 61.18% users. Having said this, the total number of people using Google in China equates to 450 million users which is significantly more than many other countries.

It should also be noted that China is a unique case mainly due to restrictive viewership and Google China migrated to Google Hong Kong since the year 2012.

This move was made to prevent the need of self censorship however this move has not resulted in an increase of the company’s market share.

Statistics for Regional Market Figures

  • Google search engine is used by 80.25% people in the USA where as Bing is used by 9.15% people and Yahoo! is used by 9.02% people.
  • In China Google is used by 33.93% people since 61.18% users prefer Baidu.
  • The Regional Statistics for Canada and UK are similar to the Global Statistics.
  • Users in Japan prefer Google and this search engine is used by 70.43% people as compared to the 26.86% Yahoo! users.
  • Google is used by 99.21% users in Brazil.
  • India is a growing market with over 87 million internet users and 98.18% users prefer Google.


Despite some variations in the regional results, it can be concluded that Google is a strong force to reckon with and users worldwide prefer this search engine over Yahoo! and Bing.

It can also be concluded that Google doesn’t have a very strong presence in China however; considering the growth potential of this country in terms of Internet users, China is a vital market for various search engine competitors.

Search engines such as Bing and Yahoo need to take note that there is further scope in Japan and search engines such as Baidu have proved this even in a restrictive market.


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