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CTR Google vs Bing click through rate

CTR of Google & BingGoogle is one of the most trusted sources as a search engine in the world and for many great reasons. This can be seen from the impact Google has on other search engines like Bing. For example every month approximately 117,000 searches are made on Bing using the keyword “Google”… Ouch,  that’s got to hurt!

Bing is used by many people world wide but mainly because Internet Explorer comes default with Bing. There are various reasons why Google is more popular than other search engines, theories we shall touch on but report on in a different post.

So what is a click through rate and CTR how do the numbers compare?

An organic click through rate or CTR on search engines is one of the most effective ways to calculate user engagement on the World Wide Web. It’s the rate at what traffic is clicking to your website from the search engines. Different positions have different CTR’s on the results pages.

Results and notes from tests we have made, information provided online & by engines

Our findings show that Google’s CTR was 18.32% for a number 1 rank and at 10.07% for a number 2 rank. The Bing study on the other hand indicated that CTR was at 9.36% for a number 1 rank and at 5.81% for at a number 2 rank.

It should also be noted that other ranking factors that proved Google to be a superior search engine include page load times, social signals, fresh and relevant content, prioritised crawling and much more.

Google is the preferred search engine for over 97% of all searches made on mobiles.

The user demographics indicate that approximately 45% women and 55% men prefer using Google. When compared to Bing user demographics, it was found that 58% women and 42% men prefer using Bing.

Every month there are over 117,000,000 searches made on Bing with the keyword “Google,” while there are only 4,000,000 searches made on Google with the keyword “Bing” and this indicates the popularity of the search engine Google.

Google searches from Bing

Although Bing market shares are slowly increasing, Google is still the leader in this sector.

Bing share gains have come at Yahoo!’s expense since when Bing share rate increased; Yahoo!’s share rate dropped 0.06%. It should be noted that while Bing grabbed 0.01% of this share rate, Google grabbed a total of 0.05% of this share rate.

This also implies that while Bing is slowly rising in the ranks, Google is already established and is steadily growing stronger.

Globally, Bing has a total of 4.4% market share. Bing is not expected to become Microsoft’s major revenue engine any time soon.


Google is more popular compared to Bing.

While the average monthly search statistics are based on data collected from various tools such as Bing Advertising Intelligence Excel Plugins and Google Adwords Keyword Tools, these statistics are accurate and prove that search engines such as Bing have a long road ahead before they become as popular as Google. It’s this writer’s opinion that search engines will have to continue to create amazing products, just like Street View and Google+, however rivals to Google will have to bring these releases to the market first, faster while anticipating Google’s reply.

While Bing market share rates are slowly increasing, Google being an established search engine is earning more than Microsoft’s Bing.

Both Google and Bing gain out of Yahoo!’s loss; however Google gained far more than its competitor Bing.

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