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How to read your Facebook Insights to increase your content strategy

Read your Facebook Insights for better content strategyYour Facebook page can prove to be the best marketing tool. However, in order to know which status messages you should post or which photos and other content you should post, you have to take the time to analyse your business page.

This can be done by using Facebook Insights, an analytic tool offered by Facebook to business users. This tool can help you understand what content works on your business page and what content is not worth posting.

While this analytic tool can give you all the information you need, many of the data points provided will be repetitive and may not be useful to help with marketing. This post will help you decipher the data provided without getting confused. If you need help with your social media marketing, please contact a member of our staff.

Export data using the right settings

Login to the Facebook Analytic Tool through the Admin Panel in the new page design. Click the “Export Data” button that will be located above the graphs and to the right of the page. Select data type as Page Level Data, select file format as Excel (or .xls), select the desired date range and click on download.

Trim the useless content

You will receive a lot of data when you click on the export button and a lot of this information will be useless. Each of the data points you will see will be split into 3 categories daily, weekly and 28 days. You should focus on the daily category.

To trim the useless content you will have to delete the columns that are bolded in black while keeping the columns that are bolded in orange. You will also have to delete information such as people talking about you, page stories, new likes and un-likes, engaged users and reach.

The main reason you should delete this content is because this content is repetitive and not useful for marketing or analytic purposes. For instance people talking about you and page stories are basically providing the same information; and the actual information is not provided in the right format, hence of no use.

Keep the useful data

You should keep data that is highlighted in orange, such as lifetime total like. You should also keep data such as daily friends of fans and daily page consumption. These three data points will help you analyse and understand how your Facebook page is performing, your true total reach and the number of people you have actually managed to reach through your business Facebook page.

Optimise the metrics according to your requirements

To do this, you should insert a new column next to the useful data points, click on the first row in the column and enter =SUM in the row you have selected. After this you should click on the primary data point Daily Friends and Fans Column, insert a + symbol and click on the first data point in the Lifetime Total Likes Column. After this hit enter, highlight the given total or sum of the two points, click on copy and drag the edge of the box in a downward direction to total the entire column with useful data.

Doing this will help you understand how many people in total have ever looked at your Facebook Page and the content on it. After doing this you will have two key insights or that are, the total number of people who could have seen the content and the actual number of people who have seen the content.

Make the data presentable

To do this you should create a visual representative of the two key metrics mentioned in the above paragraph. The first step is to highlight the date column along with the Daily Total Reach column. You will then have to click on charts, after which click on line chart, then click on stacked line and finally hit enter. You will have to repeat these very steps for the other key metrics, however; you will have to highlight both the date column and the total consumption column.

Understanding the conclusion

After you have made the data presentable you will have to analyse why the data is increasing on one day while decreasing on another day. If the numbers are steadily increasing then that is a good sign, however if the numbers are unsteady then you may have reason to be concerned.

You may have to try posting different types of content for a few days to understand which content is more popular and why? You should remember that more interaction with your Facebook business page and fans will lead to more traffic and better numbers or leads from this social networking website hence spend the time to post content on your Facebook page at least a few times a week. However, try not to overwhelm the readers with too much content.

Analyse constantly

The final step is to analyse the key metrics that is important to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. As far as possible, the data you receive should be analysed frequently and the original exported data should be saved so that you can add relevant content frequently to the original data sheet.

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