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How to make more Friends on TwitterTwitter is one of the leading social networking websites and people who use this site often use it for work-related purposes. A few people do use Twitter for social interaction. However, these days Twitter and similar websites are being used by companies to expand their global Internet presence. Majority of the people on Twitter are always looking for more followers, however, a few argue that quality is more important than quantity and sure enough these people have a small number of Twitter followers.

Why should I aim to get more followers?

There are many reasons you may decide you want more followers and these reasons may include more followers equals to social authority, more followers leads to higher sales and more followers leads to more influence. This means that, if you have a higher number of followers, more people may think that you are an expert and if you have a higher number of followers, you can easily share your ideas to a larger audience. Similarly, if you have a higher number of followers then you can promote a brand or service.

How can I get more followers?

Although you may want to hear that you can buy followers or you can invest in a software program to get you hundreds of followers overnight, the truth is that only hard work and proper networking can help you gain quality followers.

While you may be able to purchase followers there are two reasons you should not. The first reason is that, this is against Twitter’s rules and the second reason is that, you will most likely be affiliated to many purchased followers who have no interest in your ideas since they are not your target audience.

Twitter also has a rule against using software programs to gain followers since these programs only rely on aggressive following and follower churn. Using short cuts and cheats also annoys genuine Twitter users and diminishes the joy of using Twitter.

So what should I do to get more followers?

By following these simple tips you can get more followers, maybe not overnight but quickly enough.

Display picture

Upload a picture that shows your face, this tells users that you are not spam and you are a genuine company or individual. Use an attractive picture, like a good headshot.

Spend time to create a unique bio

This can really help you get additional followers who may be your target demographic audience. While creating a unique bio, add a tagline that you want to display and also be sure to include your city’s name. If you are interested in being included in the search results then you should consider filling out certain details such as your full name, user name and bio.

Create a good about page for your profile

Since the bio section only allows 160 characters, you should make an ‘About’ page on your blog and link it to your Twitter account. This way, your followers will have access to a page about you, about your business and services, especially made for tweeters wanting to know more information about you.

Spend some time on Twitter

If you have an account, then spend some time by logging in, posting tweets or following others but remember not to flood your followers. Moderation is the key to a good number of Twitter followers. You should also display links of your Twitter account in your email signature, websites, blogs and even business cards.

Create valuable content and don’t be afraid to share it

This is one of the best ways you can get genuine followers who are your target audience. While creating valuable content, use links for reference and also create content that others look forward to sharing.

Post short tweets

Your tweets should be short enough to re-tweet but shouldn’t be too short and considered spam or not worthy of re-tweeting.

Reply publicly

There is no use in replying if others cannot see your posts, replying privately makes you seem unsociable.

Avoid excessive promotion

While you may use your company page or personal profile to promote products or services, be warned about crossing the line of over promotion. You don’t want to appear either clueless or a spammer to your followers.

Do not use an auto responder

Using an auto responder may be convenient but it makes you look both unsociable or too busy to reply, which is a turn off for many followers.

If you follow the simple tips mentioned above then the numbers will slowly start to add up. You will develop genuine followers quickly. Remember that while quantity may be important, quality also matters!

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