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Increase your organic click through rate (CTR)

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Welcome to SEO Soap box, everyone. Today we are going to be talking about keywords, descriptions, title tags, your organic click through rates and how it relates to your website on the major search engines.

Jumping straight in, I think we all find it to be very annoying when we go to a search engine like Google and type in our keyword, press search to find, within the results, are loads of domain names with ugly titles, descriptions and spam domain names.

These are annoying, right? They don’t look pretty, they have all their keywords shoved into them, and they don’t really tell us what the website is about. Listings like these are more focused on having their keywords included in their meta information rather than adding value to the internet with their website.

For example, titles that are not very helpful: keyword one, keyword two, keyword three and so on and so forth. Same with the description–isn’t very interesting at all. Example being: We are keyword one, we do keyword two and if you ever need us, then call! Domain name on the similar stuffed lines.

There are many more interesting ways to write your title tags and description tags that will develop a better click through rate (CTR) from the search engines. I believe in taking the approach of giving people more relative information in these tags.

Make your information more eye-catching; show that you have good-quality, relevant content and your CTR will be much higher than the example above.

If you are faced with the ranking situation of being second, third, fourth or on the first page of Google and would like to see higher click through rates, we recommend doing something interesting with your title tags description and domain name.

The more interesting and relevant your listings are, the more interested the potential customers will be and more likely to click on to your website. Try and show that you appear to have the right solution, the relevant content and are interesting enough while adding value to the internet.

Look at the second example.

Awesome information about the keyword don’t click here this information will blow your mind about the keyword & look at our awesome domain name forward slash keyword.

Presenting your domain names listing in this fashion is so much more interesting than shoving keywords in there for the sake of having them there.

Avoid generic, tired and messy rankings on Google. The more attractive your website listing is on search engines, the higher the click through rates will potentially be.

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