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Backordering Domains for SEO


Backordering Domains for SEOBackordering websites for SEO Transcript

Hello, everyone, and welcome to a new SEO soap box. Today we are going to be talking about backordering domain names and SEO.

The process of backordering domain names is if the company who owns the domain name have gone out of business or if they have already gone out of business, their domain name will be come up for renewal. You can potentially receive their link juice, their rankings, their emails and leads along with their domain name. You can also stand to gain potential leads from existing customers or contacts from companies that they have worked with over the years.

So let’s jump right in. You should already have an understanding of what your keyword market is like and what keywords you are wanting to target. If you don’t, hop over to Google Keyword Tool. This keyword tool is based around AdWords and not organic search engine optimisation. However, for now, it is a good enough tool.

Have a look at what sort or groups of keywords generate a fair or good level of traffic. Once you have suggested keywords from Google’s Keyword Tool, type the keywords into Google and the search engine will bring back 10 listings. Don’t backorder the Google map domains. These are not as important. However, the organic domain names on the left-hand side are.

Start collecting a list of say 10 different keywords and the popular domain names that rank well in the results.

Once you have completed your list, go through the list and sort to make sure you have unique domain names, not duplicated. Use a backordering domain website site like the above link box.

We are impartial and do not accept commissions or thoroughly recommend any particular domain backordering company. If you have a recommended domain backordering website service, please add it to the comments at the bottom of this page.

Signup with a username and password and importantly, make sure you enter your payment details and keep them up to date. If you get a new credit card or update your PayPal account and a year or two down the line the website at number one for your primary keyword goes out of business and you’re due to receive this domain name by default, you won’t if your payment details are wrong.

Not getting the domain name would be a pain as it could potentially develop you an extra 20% or 30% extra leads to your email address on a monthly basis.

When you have the backordered domain name, it’s good to understand from a search engine marketing prospective what the domain name was like and what pages it had on it. We have included a history programme that will look at dated and old versions of websites on the internet. Links above.

Enter the domain name that you have purchased or have been awarded by default into a history checker like the above. The programme will show you what pages were on the website when it was active. Collect the URLs and do what’s called a 301 redirect from old pages to new pages on your website. Link to information above.

If you have pages within your website that are similar to the pages of the old website for example, if the old website had an about page and so does the new, complete a 301 to bring them together. It’s always good to notify Google’s Webmaster Tools and you should get the page rank and link juice and external links from that website to your website. Complete right and all should be passed along to your domain and you should slowly see movement up the search engine rankings.

If you setup the email accounts from the old domain name as a capture all, you should get all the emails that are still being sent to that domain name. You need to setup a capture all email as you can not be sure of the emails that were setup on the old domain.

If you do not want to be plagued by spam that they would have developed over its business life time, forward them across to a Gmail account and then use a forwarder from the Gmail account to your standard email address. This should stop 90% of spam. Login to the Gmail account every so often just to check the spam folder and make sure that there are no emails gone amiss.

This is a very clever way of:

1. Getting increased link juice from old domains in the same industry and you should see a good level, especially if your targeting domain names at the higher end of the search engines.

2. Developing decent leads from old customers of the business or customers that they dealt with who might be trying to get in contact with them still.

I have been Christopher James Read from Totally SEO. Check out our Free SEO Trial and Seo packages. Don’t forget to add us on the social networks for the chance to win a share of a million!

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