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How to get to the top of YouTube and its ranking factors

What are YouTube's ranking factors and how to increase rankingsEach and every month YouTube receives at least 800 million unique views which totals up to 3 billion hours of video viewership. These amazing potential traffic figures make it important to understand how to get to the top of YouTube and which 12 ranking factors can help or hinder your success.

YouTube ranking factors within your control


This is the most important category that will determine if your YouTube channel is a success or not. Since creating good videos and uploading them in a favourable manner is something you can control, you should ensure that you upload high quality videos that are content rich. The first six ranking factors fall under the category of “content” and each of these factors is as important as the next one.

Quality YouTube titles

The title will either draw people to watch the video or drive them away. While creating a catchy title to draw people, be sure that you deliver on your promise. The title should also contain a powerful keyword related to the content.

Great descriptions

Descriptions are another important factor that will determine the number of views the video receives. Make a unique description that explains what the video is about. Add a few keywords in the description as well, but avoid keyword stuffing or spamming. If you decide to put in a URL, then ensure that the chosen link works.

Specific tags

Create 10 or more tags that will attract the target audience. The tags you create must be relevant to the video and should be in both singular and plural tenses.

Hand written transcriptions

Most people are not aware that YouTube attempts to transcribe the video for you and does a horrible job at it. To prevent this, you should transcribe your video on your own, word for every word. When you are done, upload the text file and YouTube will match the words for you. YouTube will then make a video closed caption and this will increase the CTR rate along with the ranking of the video.

YouTube channel authority

YouTube searches for channels that have authority and is going to use this factor as a basis to rank your channel. While looking at your YouTube Channel, look at all your videos as one when you are trying to rank since a proper flow will ensure a higher ranking. This means that people who post high quality content on a few selected topics will rank higher than people who post random low quality videos on numerous topics.

Delivery and making your films better

The way you deliver the content is just as important as creating good content. Always ask yourself, how can I improve the videos I have uploaded in the past?

YouTube ranking factors that are not fully in your control

Inbound links

You should think about effective ways you can build links to your channel and to each video. Natural content automatically receive genuine inbound links through word of mouth or through referrals. We can help you with our link building programmes.

If you want to target link building in small number yourself, a good way to get organic inbound links is to post content on social media websites. Sharing your YouTube posts on your blog also count.

While building inbound links, remember to keep the flow natural and not to rush things or force too many links in one place, natural not automated, and stay away from any black hat SEOs. If you are unsure, call us.

Social shares

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are two powerful social networking sites. YouTube provides an easy sharing option when you upload videos and you can share your videos on your own on the selected social networking website.

Embedding videos

People may want to embed your videos on their sites and this is a good thing. It should be noted that rather than embedding videos on other websites in a unnatural fashion, you may want to wait or ask politely for others to embed videos on their websites by themselves since this is what Google and Yahoo! will review in their ranking factors.

Comments and video responses

Making your video as a video response to someone else’s video may help you get more views and responses. However, this is not as powerful as another channel making a special video for you as a video response. Good quality content that is shared on various sites will help you develop genuine comments and video responses.

YouTube likes

Although a “like” rating on your video is more often than not preferred than a “dislike,” getting a few dislikes is not the end of the world since even dislikes are engagement. This being said, creating good quality videos and staying true to the title and description will help you get more likes.

YouTube favourites

If your video is made a favourite by a lots of people then this will also help your rankings.

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