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Developing good levels of long tail traffic

Developing better long tail traffic Although Search Engine Optimisation techniques are constantly improving and changing, most clients still want high ranking terms that can get them more traffic to their websites.

While there are various Search Engine Optimisation techniques to do this, long tail traffic is one of the most successful ways website owners can get more traffic and unique visits.

Before understanding how to develop good levels of long tail traffic it is important to understand, what is the purpose of long tail traffic?

Long tail traffic is specific search phrases that are usually longer than two words which offer low competition, high search intent and low search volume. For instance, if you are selling a software program then just using the name of the software program can help you get a limited number of search results; however using the version of the software program with the name of the program can help you get maximum number of search engine results. This means that, using this keyword

”Your Software Program version 3.1” instead of this keyword “Your Software Program” can help you get more traffic.

We develop SEO packages to see high level traffic from long, mid and short keywords. The way we go about this and recommend others to also is as follows.

Understand the keyword landscape

You should begin by understanding the permutations of the keywords used by your competitors along with the common search parameters users by people. This will help you optimise around these keywords and search parameters.

Create meaningful and descriptive page titles

While only the first 65 characters of the page’s title are depicted in search results, keywords found after this limit will be recognized and counted in ranking algorithms.

A good way to get both benefits is to create a title that is meaningful but also contain high quality keywords. You may want to consider creating a page title that is between 8 to 13 words since this will ensure that you are not punished by search engines for either too short titles or too long titles.

Use internal links in your content and keyword variations

Whichever long tail keywords you are looking to target has to describe the content of your webpage if you hope to be ranked for those keywords. You may also want to diversify the internal link text that points to the selected page. While doing this, make sure to include many different links using different long tail keywords that direct to the selected page that will target the desired keywords.

It should be noted that only the link text from the very first link found in the source code between two chosen pages will be counted by Google’s algorithm. This means that you will not benefit if you link any pages from your global navigation template.

Leverage user generated content

You will have to find a practical way to infuse your web pages with comments and reviews posted on your website. Other user generated content can also be infused with your webpage.

Doing this will benefit you significantly since users generally a large number of long tail variations while making relevant comments about the content on your webpage.

The content posted by users can help you get information for long tail keywords such as the model number, color variations or problem issues with a product listed on your website. Using this can also make your content different from others which will in turn make it more valuable to both search engines and users.

Using modified keyword landscapes, creating length page titles with meaning, using internal links in your content along with keyword variations and leveraging user generated content can definitely help you get more targeted and organic search traffic to your website.

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