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Keyword research mistakes and how to correct them

Keyword research mistakesBefore the start of a Search Engine Optimisation campaign, choosing the right keywords to target for optimisation is critical. Websites often make common mistakes, like using keywords that are too broad, reducing their rankings on search engine result pages and wasting resources in the process. Through targeting keywords that fit your site, wording keywords correctly and using conversion tracking tools like Google Analytics, websites will have a more successful Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

Tailor keywords to your site

Some websites have overly ambitious goals of reaching the standings for highly competitive keywords and waste time and money trying to target them. By knowing the intricacies, industry and audience of your site, you will know the right keywords you will need for Search Engine Optimisation. Consider what determines the optimisation of your site, unique and authoritative content, the age of your site and your business goals. The content, product or service you provide should relate to the keywords people search for in order to reach users that are valuable to your business.

Here are mistakes to avoid when choosing keywords. If you have limited resources, do not target one word or common keywords. These kinds of keywords are very competitive and therefore difficult to obtain high search engine marketing results. Target keywords that obtain less traffic and tailor your keywords to what your site sells or is known for. Be specific instead of broad when choosing keywords.

Use correct wording for keywords

While companies may sell multiples of the same product, the singular version of a keyword will rank higher than the plural version on search engine result pages. It is easy to think that there is no difference between the singular or plural version of a keyword but it could mean all the difference when an Internet user is searching for only one product to buy.

Websites also make the mistake of not accounting for multiple meanings of keywords. The meaning of certain keywords get lost in the search process and therefore taken out of context. Take for example, the keyword ‘screen.’ Screen can mean anything from computer screen, LCD flat screen or a door screen. Target and specify keywords in order for Internet users to make correct and accurate searches. To avoid using keywords that have multiple meanings, try Google’s Keyword Tool that allows you to search for keywords and see what comes up.

Monitor keyword conversion with tools

One of the biggest mistakes a website can make is not tracking keyword conversion. Conversion, or a valuable action taken by a person while on your website, is important because clicks via the right keywords translate into business for your website. Time spent on your website, whether making a purchase or looking up more information, equals money for you.

Use tools like Google Analytics, part of AdWords, to monitor your keyword conversion and further optimise your website. Google Analytics will track what happens after a customer clicks on an ad. Link your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts to see how your AdWords clicks factor into your Analytics conversions and data.

Another reason to track keyword conversion is to meet your business goals by knowing which keywords are working for you and that bring in the most money. Increase your return on investment by not wasting resources on keywords that have weak rankings. By using keyword conversion monitoring, you can strategise for keyword optimisation in the future.

When setting up conversion tracking, there are two ways to measure conversions: 1-per-click and many-per-click. For 1-per-click, conversions after the first ad click will not count for the purpose of counting unique customers. For many-per-click, multiple conversions will count per click in order to measure conversions such as purchases that are valuable every time they occur. Choose the conversion measurement appropriate for your site in order to correctly monitor your keywords.


With the huge selection of keywords available on the Internet, it is easy to get overwhelmed when choosing keywords for search engine optimisation. It is common to make keyword search mistakes but it is also simple to correct them through these optimisation methods. We complete In-depth Keyword Research with our Search Engine Optimisation Packages. Try our SEO Free today to get a clear picture of your market.

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